Monday, November 29, 2010

woot woot :)
haha,lega rasa hati now neyh. fuhh,susah giler bwat blog ek ? ingt ann nk bwat sndiri blog. mintak tlg k.min n k.sya . tibe2 rse nk wat blog . tgk korg membebel sharing feeling.nk try jgak. 
let me introduce myself a little bit . 

hey ! hey !
my name is Anis Suraiya .
still under age, i'm thirteen (13)
study at Sekolah Tun Fatimah,Jay Bee .
jauh uh , HAHA :D
about me ?
okeyh , let me started , people call me SURAY at stf .
i'm a COLOUR GUARDS (under band). 
p/s; By the way ; I'm original. and i know who i am . so pless dunt judge me if u dunt know who i am . if u dunt care wut i say . i can be a bad person to you . I'm not the liars . I'm not the perfect . I'm not the best . but im not STUPID . You might not understand me or even like me . I'm not asking you to . if u want to talk about me . go ahead !! i dunt care and im not kidding. I love to be myself . so pless get your own life .

i'm a rollerblader :)
always play since 10 years old.

i like to be childish 

saya suke bergmbr berposing !
itulah interest saya
bye !
gotta go !
reading book <3

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